Basis bureau has been working on the Pavshhinskaya Poyma embankment project for the past six years. The project was created through active discussion with the residents of the area, taking into account their needs and preferences.

The design and functions of the embankment are determined by the context. It is a 'buffer zone' between two large 'clusters': the dense residential development without courtyards and the large shopping and exhibition complex located on the opposite side of the river. The area is used by local residents of the neighborhood as a community space and by residents of a city as a downtown area. These groups with different interests enjoy this space in diverse ways. The amphitheater is designed with ergonomically shaped backrests with different inclinations making it comfortable to both sit on and lay back as on a lounge chair. Residents from nearby can work on their laptops, sunbathe or do yoga, while those who come for a walk can listen to an evening concert, meet friends or relax by the water.

The promenade is designed with a variety of wide and narrow zones. In addition to visual diversity, such areas make it possible to avoid oversaturating the place and to make the key attraction points less crowded. We also separated the pedestrian flows by making an upper and lower promenade, which is easy to access with an extensive pathway system

The courtyards of the high-rise buildings turned out to be a windy area. We designed beehive-shaped pergolas with swings, whose main function is to diminish the winds and provide shelter from sun and rain.

Krasnogorsk, Moscow region
Project team
Ivan Okhapkin
Tatyana Kozlova
Ksenia Shcherbina
Alexandra Sinitsina
Konstantin Pastukhov
Anna Geraymovich
Angelina Vasnetsova
Anna Filippova
Tatevik Mamyan
Aleksandra Terenteva
Nikita Chikin
Andrey Kverkveladze
Sergey Kozlov
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